Monday, 30 January 2012

Got my first follower

got my first follower today although its not many it is a start
Thanks for following

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Saints Row: The Third

Right, so i dont remember whether i mentioned or not that i enjoy playing video games, i dont sit around all day playing, because there are better things to do but i do enjoy every now and again jumping on my xbox and loosing myself in a different world, so my favorite games by a mile are Saints Row and GTA, the best GTA was deffinately san andreas and the best Saints Row is the new one: Saints Row: The Third. Now, although i believe it is the best one it certainly dissapointed in some areas, so i 100%'ed the game just before i started writing this post but i havent actually finished the game and i also dont have all the achievements, now to me, this isnt 100%? If you're familier with the Saints Row games youll know that there are chop shops assassinations and other bits and bobs to mess around doing whilst going through the story, or to save till the end? It's upto the player, but i havent finished the assassinations, the cars, the jumps, the barnstorms, the survival or the saints book and just because i have finished the story, the activities and all the city take overs, i have "100%'ed" the game, just a bit annoyed by the whole thing because i enjoy trying to get every last bit of the game finished to finally reach that 100% mark, but unfortunatly you dont have to do for this one, and i felt i needed to tell some people, so thanks for listening.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

What to blog about...? I know, blogging!

So haven't blogged in a while but cant really think of much to right about at the moment because not much is going on just yet? So basically this is just to let anyone out there who takes a peak that I'm still active and there's much more to come, quite a lot of things at work should be finished soon and when they're all done I think I'll let people know what I do for a living and I'm also trying to get another little business up and running with a friend of mine but that'll probably take some time so when that's up and runnin I'll tell you all about it but all this tallying up is a few of my plans to accomplish my mission. Thanks for reading :)

Thursday, 26 January 2012


Right then needed something to write about and just so happened to be i am "doing" hobby, i think everyone needs a hobby, or two, its something you turn to in your spare time which you get maximum enjoyment from, for some people it's playing video games, some people go fishing, some people watch films and go to the cinema, the list goes on. Among others thing, including my interest in cars, i would say one of my main hobbies, now you may find this very odd for someone at the age of 20, is collecting pokemon cards! i have been collecting on and off since the start which is around 1999. I've never really stopped and never got rid of any of my cards, i wouldn't like to put a figure on how many i have but i know the figure is above 6000 cards i don't know how many there actually are, nor do i know my collections worth. i have no plan on selling them, well not yet, i had stopped collected for a while until the other day i had a big box which i had to sort out and file up i have just finished half sorted them and ill leave the rest until tomorrow and other days.
I just thought i'd let you in to that little part of my life and i also plan to create a database for every card and log my collection of cards along with there condition and there average worth, then i will finally.
But for now its bedtime and work in the morning try and get some pictures up onto my blog soon just normally its random when i post and I'm not prepared with pictures and the like.
Bye bye

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Busy Weekend

So, sunday was my 20th birthday and i had a great weekend got some really good presents and had lots and lots of fun, hence why i haven't posted on here yet.
But that is it the mission has started! I now have 729 days to complete it and nothing has happened towards it yet i should get paid soon, but this won't have an amazing increase on my funds but i knew it wouldn't just happen over night thats why i have given myself 2 years to reach my goal.
I will soon be doing a post on some of the stuff i plan to do within the next 2 years to help me accomplish my mission but now, back to work.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

My Job

Like I said in my last post more on my job later and despite the title I'm still not prepared to let people know what I do, just not yet I will do in the future just have to get some things done first, but I do have some stuff to say about it, I really enjoy it, there's three people in the business, and it involves programming, my uncle is my boss but I get a lot of say what gets done, there is a lot of chance in my job for it to grow and for it to give my a good return and wage, even to hit the big time, but well see how it goes. So first on the list for me to be able to make my money is my job and the first chance of this happening will be in a month or two. More on my others "schemes" later.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A Bit About Me

Now you k ow my goal for the next two years I suppose it's right that you know about me, some stuf I'll be keeping to myself for now and some stuff I don't mind you all knowing so here goes... I'm a 19 year old male from the UK, like I have said I like to aim high in life, I thought this blog would be a good way to log this time I have given myself to achieve my "mission", it'll be good for people to follow my story and also a great way of looking back when the time is up, regardless of whether I have completed it or not, I enjoy playing video games although wouldn't consider myself a "gamer", I only play now and again, hanging out with my friends always something I enjoy. One of my main loves is cars althought I don't have an amazing at the moment, I'm hoping to get something a bit different in the near future. Top of the list is making money :) LOVE IT, in my opinion there is nothing better, no better high than earner some hard cash, one problem is I also love to spend it :( this is one thing that need to be cut down during this period of time. I have a job I enjoy which I earn about £800-£900 a month, more about that later, and I don't have a substantial amount of money to get me started on this mission but I don't just intend on saving. Over and out!

Watch This Space

Welcome one and all to parts of my life, I'm a dreamer, maybe sometimes too much but I have always liked to aim high, I personally believe its the best way to live, this is part of my goal you could call it a new years resolution but it isn't really? So anyway here's what's going on. 6 days from now I will turn 20, 2 years from that date, until 22nd January 2014, is the time I have personally given myself to make GBP 1,000,000 , I would preferably want this amount in my bank account as an actually balance, but if it is in property or other assets I still will have achieved my goal, obviously I don't mind if it happens earlier.