Thursday, 26 January 2012


Right then needed something to write about and just so happened to be i am "doing" hobby, i think everyone needs a hobby, or two, its something you turn to in your spare time which you get maximum enjoyment from, for some people it's playing video games, some people go fishing, some people watch films and go to the cinema, the list goes on. Among others thing, including my interest in cars, i would say one of my main hobbies, now you may find this very odd for someone at the age of 20, is collecting pokemon cards! i have been collecting on and off since the start which is around 1999. I've never really stopped and never got rid of any of my cards, i wouldn't like to put a figure on how many i have but i know the figure is above 6000 cards i don't know how many there actually are, nor do i know my collections worth. i have no plan on selling them, well not yet, i had stopped collected for a while until the other day i had a big box which i had to sort out and file up i have just finished half sorted them and ill leave the rest until tomorrow and other days.
I just thought i'd let you in to that little part of my life and i also plan to create a database for every card and log my collection of cards along with there condition and there average worth, then i will finally.
But for now its bedtime and work in the morning try and get some pictures up onto my blog soon just normally its random when i post and I'm not prepared with pictures and the like.
Bye bye

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