Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A Bit About Me

Now you k ow my goal for the next two years I suppose it's right that you know about me, some stuf I'll be keeping to myself for now and some stuff I don't mind you all knowing so here goes... I'm a 19 year old male from the UK, like I have said I like to aim high in life, I thought this blog would be a good way to log this time I have given myself to achieve my "mission", it'll be good for people to follow my story and also a great way of looking back when the time is up, regardless of whether I have completed it or not, I enjoy playing video games although wouldn't consider myself a "gamer", I only play now and again, hanging out with my friends always something I enjoy. One of my main loves is cars althought I don't have an amazing at the moment, I'm hoping to get something a bit different in the near future. Top of the list is making money :) LOVE IT, in my opinion there is nothing better, no better high than earner some hard cash, one problem is I also love to spend it :( this is one thing that need to be cut down during this period of time. I have a job I enjoy which I earn about £800-£900 a month, more about that later, and I don't have a substantial amount of money to get me started on this mission but I don't just intend on saving. Over and out!

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